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The Haiku Canada Marianne Bluger Book and Chapbook Awards
Interim Report

Haiku Canada members who attended the Haiku Canada Business Meeting during our Annual Weekend, 2014, were presented with a proposal from Angela Leuck asking that:

- Haiku Canada establish the annual Marianne Bluger Book and Chapbook Awards in honour of long-time member, the late Marianne Bluger. The goal of the awards is to recognize and encourage excellence in published haiku and related forms (tanka, renga, senryu, sequences, haibun, and visual haiku) in both English and French in Canada.
- There seemed to be general consensus during the ensuing discussing that having the book awards was a great idea. However, several members were concerned that all the details with regards to the management of the Awards were not available. Thus, in a vote, the motion was defeated. Another motion was passed by the members that a committee of HC volunteers would propose operational details and a management structure so that a motion to be presented next year, at the next Business meeting, 2015, could be presented to the members so that the Marianne Bluger Awards could be established.

So far, the committee can report:

1. The first award will be presented in 2016, and annually thereafter during the HC Weekend.
2. “The Bluger Awards” will fall under the responsibility of the HC Vice President, in order to assure the operation of the Awards from year to year. Under the Vice President, there will be an English language coordinator and a French language coordinator chosen by the Vice President and approved by the HC Executive. Each coordinator will select two judges for that year’s awards.
3. There will be four categories:
     (I) Best English-language book
     (II) Best English-language chapbook
     (III) Best French-language book
     (IV) Best French-language chapbook.
4. A call for entries will be made in the fall issue of the Haiku Canada Review, with a submission deadline each year of January 15th.
5. Books may be submitted by a publisher or the author. Authors or publishers may submit more than one book and/or chapbook per year. Books are to be sent to the Vice-President of HC, who will then forward the books to the English and French Awards coordinator.
6. The competition is open to residents of Canada.
7. It is not necessary to be a Haiku Canada member to enter the contest.
Other details such as prizes, entrance fees and other management issues will be forth coming in the next few months.
Mike Montreuil

Haiku from the 2013 Haiku Canada Holographic Anthology

one blossom closes
another opens
spring morning


cranberry bog
wading through
a million suns

~Ellen Cooper~

on his bedside table
a thin film of dust

~Pat Benedict~

wind on the water
I change the colour of her hair
in my poem

~Nick Avis~

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