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Haiku Canada Weekend

Activities include haiku readings, presentations, workshops, a book fair, the annual general meeting and a collective renga. The weekend format allows for lots of exchanges and discussion. This is a great opportunity to get to know other poets and enthusiasts in a relaxed setting.

Haiku Canada Weekend 2015 took place in May 15-17, Victoria, B.C.

Haiku: The Art of Emptiness by Gabriel Rosenstock [audio]

The Keynote Talk, by Gabriel Rosenstock, of Dublin, Ireland, at Haiku Canada 2015 held in James Bay, Victoria, BC, May 15-17 2015

Ducks in Search of the Moon by Gabriel Rosenstock [audio]

A presentation to the Haiku Arbutus group in Victoria, BC, by Gabriel Rosenstock, from Dublin, Ireland

The launch of the Wah Anthology at Haiku Canada Weekend 2015.

The next Haiku Canada Weekend will be held in May 2016 in Whitehorse, Yukon

Haiku from the 10th Anniversary Holographic Anthology 1987

rising moon
in the fish-cleaning sink
the sparkle of scales

~Rebecca Rust~

window willow
my angry thoughts
begin to sway

~George Swede~

rain pricked lagoon
the hair on my arms

~Ruth Yarrow~

moonless night
the departing jet
becomes a star

~Margaret Saunders~

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