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Haiku Canada Weekend, May 16-18, 2014, at the Leeds Hall, Carleton University, Ottawa

New! The Conference Services document.

New! Liana Voia will be available to video/interview various poets and presentations during the Haiku Canada Weekend. She will only film those who are okay with the recording, which will be posted on YouTube.

The registration form and an information sheet on accommodations for this year's Haiku Canada Weekend can be found under the Conferences tab.

Le formulaire d'inscription et une fiche d'information pour le Weekend Haiku Canada se trouve dans la section Conference du site web.

The Conference Agenda as PDF|DOCX.

2013 Haiku Canada Weekend was held at University of Calgary on May 17-19, 2013
For the conference agenda and photos please visit the following pages:

Haiku Canada 2013 Conference Agenda

Haiku Canada 2013 Photo Gallery

Haiku from the 2007 Haiku Canada 30th Anniversary Members Anthology

dernière lune
avant l'irradiation

~Micheline Beaudry~

my best moo
all the cows
stop and look

~DeVar Dahl~

between each wave
my children

~Marco Fraticelli~

the last birdsong slips into
a chorus of crickets

~Andrea Grillo~

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