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Clarise Samuels

Clarise Samuels is a Montreal-based writer who has published poetry and short stories in a wide selection of literary journals. Her novel, Loving Brynhild, has been serialized and is now available at Smashwords. A second novel, The Lost Planet of the Vampire Prophets, is in progress. She has a Rutgers PhD in German literature, and her scholarly book on the German Holocaust poet Paul Celan can be found in most major university libraries.
She has published haikus with Haiku Journal, 50 Haikus, and Three Line Poetry.

Haiku from Haiku Canada Members’ Anthology 2011 Observer Observed

writer’s block
I tap the crumbs
from the keyboard

~Charles Trumbull~

After the downpour
a sparrow in the gutter
sipping at clouds

~Klaus Dieter Wirth~

distant thunder...
a flashlight
weaving down the path

~David Elliott~

oven warm bread
the long reach
of the baker

~Hans Jongman~

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