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Janick Belleau

Janick Belleau’s poetry appears in French and/or in English in literary journals and anthologies. Her feature articles (Canada) and talks (France, Canada, Japan) concentrate on achievements of women haiku and tanka poets.

She co-edited two anthologies: L’Erotique poème court / haïku (Brussels, 2006) ; Take Five – 2011 Best contemporary tanka, vol. 4  (U.S., 2012). She edited the anthology Regards de femmes – haïkus francophones (Lyon / Montréal, 2008). She authored a bilingual tanka collection, D’âmes et d’ailes / of souls and wings (Québec, 2010) which received the Canada-Japan Literary Award, French Section.

Janick won a variety of awards such as Mainichi Daily News, Haiku Contest (2nd place, International Section, Japan, 2006); Concours international Marco Polo Magazine (Prix « Haïku Kat nomade », France, 2009); SAIGYO Tanka Contest (Honourable Mention, U.S., 2010); Prix Jocelyne-Villeneuve, Haiku Canada (1ère place, 2012); Betty Drevniok Award, Haiku Canada (2nd Place, 2013).

Serving as the Canadian Board member of the Association francophone de haïku (France, 2010-2013).

Welcome to her bilingual website: www.janickbelleau.ca

Articles by Janick Belleau on this website:

Haiku from Haiku Canada Members’ Anthology 2011 Observer Observed

writer’s block
I tap the crumbs
from the keyboard

~Charles Trumbull~

After the downpour
a sparrow in the gutter
sipping at clouds

~Klaus Dieter Wirth~

distant thunder...
a flashlight
weaving down the path

~David Elliott~

oven warm bread
the long reach
of the baker

~Hans Jongman~

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