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Jessica Tremblay

Jessica Tremblay is the creator of Old Pond Comics, a cartoon featuring the adventures of Master Kawazu and his young apprentice Kaeru who wants to learn haiku.

Her first haiku book Le sourire de l’épouvantail was published by Les Editions David in 2003, followed by Les saisons de l’épouvantail in 2004. Her poems appeared in over 15 anthologies and were featured in public spaces such as public transit systems, gardens, museums and art galleries in Montreal and Vancouver.

Her award-winning haiku “late for work—/ cherry petals / in my hair” was sculpted in a haiku rock that can be seen all year-long in the cherry grove at the VanDusen Botanical Garden in Vancouver.

Her Old Pond Comics are published in Gong, Haiku Canada Review, and The Haiku Foundation blog. The cartoons were also featured in Lighting the Global Lantern: a teacher’s guide to writing haiku and related literary forms written by Terry Ann Carter (Wintergreen Studio Press, 2011).

Jessica was cartoonist-in-residence at Haiku North America, Haiku Canada, Haiku Hot Springs, and Seabeck Haiku Getaway.

She regularly attends haiku conferences where she speaks on topics such as Haiku and New Technology, Haiku on Social Media, Haiku-Comics, and the History of French Haiku.

Born in Chicoutimi (Québec), she now lives in Vancouver (British-Columbia).





Haiku from Haiku Canada Members’ Anthology 2011 Observer Observed

writer’s block
I tap the crumbs
from the keyboard

~Charles Trumbull~

After the downpour
a sparrow in the gutter
sipping at clouds

~Klaus Dieter Wirth~

distant thunder...
a flashlight
weaving down the path

~David Elliott~

oven warm bread
the long reach
of the baker

~Hans Jongman~

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