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MURIEL PHYLLIS FORD: D.O.B. December 22, 1926, Toronto ON Canada

Muriel Ford is a visual artist and haiku poet. Muriel was juried into the Society of Canadian Artists and has exhibited her paintings in one woman and group shows for over fifty years in Toronto and southern Ontario. She is a past Vice-President of Haiku Canada and co-founder of Haiku Deer Park.
Muriel’s haiku have been published in anthologies and journals in Canada, England, the USA and Japan: her haibun have been published in Canada and the USA and her haiga published in the USA.


Myra Pasek Poetry Contest, St. Louis, Missouri, USA – 1985
Haiku, Honourable Mention

J.A.L. International Contest, USA – 1988
Haiku, Honourable Mention

San Francisco International Competition, USA – 1993
Senryu, Honourable Mention

International Haiku Contest, 300th Anniversary of Basho’s Death, Japan – 1994
Haiku, Commendation

Iga-Veno Basho Festival Contest, Japan – 1995
Haiku – Honourable Mention

Haiku Presence Contest, England – 1999
H.W. Hackett Award – Commendation

International Haiku Contest, Basho Anniversary, Japan – 2004
Haiku, Special Selection Award

Central Valley California, USA – 2004
Haibun, Honourable Mention

World Wide Hekinan Haiku Contest, Japan – 2005
Haiku, Honourable Mention

Haiku from Haiku Canada Members’ Anthology 2011 Observer Observed

writer’s block
I tap the crumbs
from the keyboard

~Charles Trumbull~

After the downpour
a sparrow in the gutter
sipping at clouds

~Klaus Dieter Wirth~

distant thunder...
a flashlight
weaving down the path

~David Elliott~

oven warm bread
the long reach
of the baker

~Hans Jongman~

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