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(May 2015-audio) Haiku: The Art of Emptiness by Gabriel Rosenstock

The Keynote Talk, by Gabriel Rosenstock, of Dublin, Ireland, at Haiku Canada 2015 held in James Bay, Victoria, BC, May 15-17 2015

(May 2015-audio) Ducks in Search of the Moon by Gabriel Rosenstock

A presentation to the Haiku Arbutus group in Victoria, BC, by Gabriel Rosenstock, from Dublin, Ireland

(May 2014-video) Performance: Marco Fraticelli and Terry Ann Carter in "Drifting"

(May 2014-video) Interview with Claudia Coutu Radmore

Claudia Coutu Radmore co-organized the Haiku Canada 2014 Conference in Ottawa

Haiku from the 2002-2003 HC Members Anthology

your lips

~Nancy Prasad~

forgotten mine shaft—
the new silence
of a falling stone

~Ross Figgins~

east end hotel—
Gideon holds up
the window

~Giovanni Malito~

rain dance
the weather man circles
a low front

~Barry George~

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