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Haiku Canada Collection and Archives

The Haiku Canada Collection, established in 2017, is located in British Columbia at the University of Victoria Library, within Special Collections and University Archives. Haiku-related archives also exist at other locations in Canada.

The Archives Committee was ratified at the 2018 Haiku Canada annual meeting. It is the intention of the committee to foster and oversee the growth of the Haiku Canada Collection and to promote awareness of this resource, as well as other sites of related materials in Canada, to our membership and interested members of the public.

The committee would like to acknowledge the Honorary Archivist for Haiku Canada, Dorothy Howard, for her many years of dedicated service. Prior to 2017, the archives were maintained and housed by Dorothy, near Ottawa in Ontario.

The committee would also like to appreciate Terry Ann Carter for initiating the relationship with the University of Victoria Special Collections.

Recent acquisitions include haiku materials donated by Winona Baker and by the estate of Anna Vakar.

Archives Committee:
Katherine Munro
     Whitehorse, Yukon
Vicki McCullough
     Vancouver, British Columbia

If you have questions or suggestions for the committee, an interest in contributing
to this important work, or materials to donate, please don’t hesitate to contact us at: archives@haikucanada.org

Building the Haiku Canada Collection

Publishing a haiku-related book? Donate 1-2 copies to the Haiku Canada Collection as part of your distribution plan.

Downsizing? Preparing for end of life? Help build the Haiku Canada Collection.

Already donated your haiku materials to another Canadian archives? Let us know, so these sites and resources can be networked.

Contact archives@haikucanada.org