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Haiku Canada Regional Divisions

Haiku Canada organizational structure includes regional coordinators who report on haiku activity in their region, represent Haiku Canada at literary events in their region, promote awareness and appreciation of haiku and related forms, and foster association, communication, friendship and mutual support among haiku poets in their region.

The regional divisions are:
  • British Columbia and Territories  
  • Central Provinces  
  • Ontario  
  • Québec  
  • Atlantic Provinces

British Columbia and Territories

Coordinator: Vicki McCullough
Email: pacifi-kana@haikucanada.org
This region comprises British Columbia, the Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut.
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Central Provinces

Coordinator: Joanne Morcom
Email: prairie@haikucanada.org
This region comprises Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.
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Coordinator: Ignatius Fay
Email: ontario@haikucanada.org.
Since 2001, Kado Ottawa has promoted the creation and appreciation of haiku related forms in the Ottawa area.
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Coordinator: Angela Leuck
Email: quebec@haikucanada.org
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Atlantic Provinces

Coordinator: Miriam Dunn
Email: atlantic@haikucanada.org
This region comprises New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia and Labrador.
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