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Children's Haiku Contest, 2014

Haiku Canada wishes to announce its intention to begin a joint venture with the Japanese Airline Foundation (Japan) to bring the JAL Foundation (World) Children's Haiku Anthology contest to all children in Canada. The JAL Foundation Anthology contest has been running world-wide since the Foundation began operations in 1990. The 2014 contest marks the first time Haiku Canada has partnered with the JAL Foundation in this event.

Haiku Canada's involvement now means every child resident in Canada, up to and including the age of 15 years by March 31st 2014, may submit one illustrated haiku in English (or in any other language, accompanied by an English translation) to our Haiku Canada committee. For example, a student writing an original haiku in French, or Italian, or Mohawk would need to submit the original as well as an English translation.

The next JAL Foundation Anthology will publish each selected haiku in Japanese, English, and any other language used by the writers. Publication date is late 2014. Children whose work is published in the anthology will receive a copy of the book.

Our Canadian deadline will be March 31st 2014. Details of where to drop off or send the haiku and illustrations will be announced on our website closer to the deadline.

To help children increase their confidence in writing haiku, Haiku Canada hopes to make instruction in the art of haiku and its illustration available to teachers, children, and parents through local schools, local libraries, and through our Haiku Canada website. Many Haiku Canada members are published writers and teachers who are interested in passing on the best of the haiku tradition. Links to their work will be found on our website and should prove helpful.

If you wish further information, please contact Haiku Canada's chair of this contest committee, Lin Geary or Kim Horne at:


Haiku from the 2002-2003 HC Members Anthology

your lips

~Nancy Prasad~

forgotten mine shaft—
the new silence
of a falling stone

~Ross Figgins~

east end hotel—
Gideon holds up
the window

~Giovanni Malito~

rain dance
the weather man circles
a low front

~Barry George~

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