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• An excerpt from “A History of Haiku in Canada” / Un extrait de “Une Histoire du Haïku au Canada” by Terry Ann Carter – French translation by Jessica Tremblay

• Haiku: The Art of Emptiness – the keynote talk by Gabriel Rosenstock, of Dublin, Ireland, at Haiku Canada Weekend 2015 held in James Bay, Victoria, BC, May 15-17 2015

• Ducks in Search of the Moon – presentation to the Haiku Arbutus group in Victoria, BC, by Gabriel Rosenstock, from Dublin, Ireland

• Haiku in French Canada: adapted Japanese-style or somewhat free-style? – The views of four respected haiku poets by Janick Belleau

• Haiku: Women Connected through Inner Life by Janick Belleau

• Haiku: Women Pioneers in Canada (1928-1985) by Janick Belleau

• Erotic Poetry of the Heian Court: Considering the Love Tanka of Ono no Komachi and Izumi Shikibu by Terry Ann Carter